Taffey’s Wayne Maunder collection: Lancer


Thank you for reading! The authors listed on this site spend many hours writing stories for your enjoyment, and their only reward is the feedback you leave. So please take a moment to leave a comment.  Even the simplest ‘I liked this!” can make all the difference to an author and encourage them to keep writing and posting their stories here.  You can comment in the ‘reply’ box below or email Taffey directly.


4 thoughts on “Taffey’s Wayne Maunder collection: Lancer

  1. Thanks so much!! i posted them so many years ago. The collection was from when i was a teen. LOL! Now there’s the internet; and you can find so many more pictures! Thank you for taking the time to appreciate the pictures!


  2. Thanks Taffey ! your collection was the first photos I have saved in my Wayne´s file ! I admire all the nice work you have done in your site.


  3. Hi Adriana! Thank you for your kind words! All i did was post the photos and a few stories on one of the Lancer sites. i honesty didn’t realize the group was still active. “Lancer” was my favorite western when i was a teen.


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